The Cottages Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, please contact our office to coordinate a showing. All appointments to visit the property must be coordinated with a member of the S.D. Ireland Properties Sales Team.

802-861-9646 or Send us an E-mail

How do I begin the Purchase process?

Here are the steps to begin the process:

  1. Make Contact with our Sales Team. Our sales team can assist you in identifying your preference of unit location, conduct a showing by appointment and facilitate the process of completing a Reservation Agreement or Purchase and Sale Contract.
  2. Reservation Agreement. A great place to start is reserving your unit of choice by entering into a Reservation Agreement. The agreement reserves a specific unit for 14 calendar days. This will give you a chance to gather all significant information related to the unit, review Homeowner Association documents and provide a loan pre-approval letter (if applicable). Additionally, the 14-day period allows time to meet with our Sales team to discuss the unit finish schedule. Note, a reservation requires a refundable deposit in the amount of $5,000.00 via check made payable to ‘South Village Communities, LLC’ along with the signed Reservation Agreement.
  3. Read through Homeowners Association Documents. These documents are provided by the sales team. The 14-day reservation period allows you the opportunity to ask questions relating to HOA documents, consult your legal counsel, and enter into a Purchase and Sale Contract to further secure a unit.
  4. You may enter into a Purchase and Sale Contract at any time. You can execute a Purchase and Sale Contract at expiration of the 14-day Reservation term, or, you can enter into a Purchase and Sale Contract at any time prior. A deposit equal to 5% of the unit’s purchase price is required at signing. Note, if a Reservation Agreement was executed, the $5,000.00 reservation deposit will be applied to the 5% Purchase and Sale contract deposit.
  5. Anticipate enjoying your new home!

What if I have to terminate the Reservation Agreement? Will my deposit be refunded?

Yes, in the event that a Reservation Agreement is terminated prior to the 14-day term expires, the deposit will be released once the funds have been cleared.

What do you estimate the taxes to be?

The City of South Burlington Tax Department has shared their formula for determining property taxes at South Village:

Purchase Price ________/100 x $1.9385=Estimated Taxes

We strongly encourage any perspective Buyer to contact the South Burlington Tax Department at 802-846-4109 for more concrete information.

Where can I obtain the Homeowner Association (HOA) documentation?

A copy of the Homeowner Association documents will be provided to you within 14 days of executing a Reservation Agreement or Purchase and Sale Contract.

How much are the association fees and what do they cover?

The Cottages has its own Homeowners Association with dues that are specific to The Cottages only. The projected dues are $10.00/month and cover:

  • Association Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Legal Council

The associated dues for townhomes in South Village are in currently in the amount of $241.00/month and payable to the South Village Master Association, Inc. These fees cover:

  • Lawn Care
  • Snow Removal
  • Trash and Recycling Pick Up
  • Storm Water Management Systems, Resources and Pump Stations
  • Street Lights

The combined dues per unit are projected to be $251.00/month during 2023.

Will I be able to inspect my new home before my closing?

Yes, following Purchase and Sale execution, post sheetrock site visits can be made by appointment upon request. You will also have a walk through with your Builder’s representative/Sales Team who will review your new home with you right before closing.

Are The Cottages custom-build homes?

The Cottages are not custom-build homes. However, if time allows in the construction process, certain finishes are customizable for Market Rate units.

Is there any warranty on our new home?

Your new home will be covered by a builder warranty program for one year. Most structural elements of the home are further covered under a manufacturer warranty for extended periods, windows for example. Owners are responsible for completing warranty enrollment on any or all of their appliances.

Are pets allowed?

South Village is domestic pet friendly, with formal paved recreation paths and sidewalks to enjoy with your leashed pets. Townhome and condominium owners are limited to one pet. Rules require all cats must be indoor-only pets per the Bylaws. Pets are not allowed in the 130-acre Conservation Lands or the Quiet Paths within them. This is to preserve the natural environment and wildlife species that exist there.

Can I grow a garden?

Yes! Raised beds are available at the South Village organic farm for an annual fee; with annual first come, first serve enrollment. South Village Bylaws have requirements to ensure a chemical and pesticide free, organic environment in all landscaping, yards, gardens & lawns and home upkeep. The farm is adjacent to The Cottages.

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