Introducing TULU to Sunderland Farms Community

Introducing TULU, the revolutionary electronic rental concierge that brings convenience to a whole new level. With TULU, you can now access a vast range of essential and exciting items on-demand, transforming the way you experience everyday life.

Imagine needing a powerful Dyson vacuum cleaner for a thorough clean or wanting to immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with the latest VR headset. TULU has got you covered. From essential home appliances like i-mops and air mattresses to cutting-edge gadgets like VR headsets, TULU offers a diverse array of items to enhance your lifestyle.

But TULU doesn't stop there. Need to print an important document quickly? TULU offers hassle-free Wi-Fi printing services right at your fingertips. Feeling hungry or thirsty? TULU's selection of snacks and drinks ensures you never have to go without your favorite treats.

What sets TULU apart is its seamless user experience. Simply download the TULU app, browse through the extensive catalog of items, select what you need, and have it delivered to your doorstep. With flexible rental durations and competitive pricing, TULU makes it easy to access items that may otherwise be expensive or inconvenient to own.

Say goodbye to cluttered storage spaces and the hassle of maintenance. TULU enables you to enjoy the benefits of these items without the long-term commitment. Whether you're looking to upgrade your cleaning routine, explore immersive virtual worlds, or meet your temporary needs, TULU is your go-to electronic rental concierge, revolutionizing the way you access and enjoy the things you love. We are so excited to bring TULU to our residents at 121 Shea Dr!


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